Executive Communication Workshops

Power Control:  Executive Presentation Workshops

The Bain and Associates Executive Presentation Workshops prepare corporate and association executives for critically-important presentations to their toughest audiences.  All workshops are highly customized to meet the needs of the CEO or other executives, their skill levels, concerns, the venue of the presentation, the best use of technology (PowerPoint™ , teleprompter or image magnification for very large audiences).   Each workshop begins with audience analysis, followed by videotaped and critiqued presentations.  The workshops cover agenda items such as key message development, delivery techniques, secrets of the great speakers, voice control, building confidence and reducing nervousness.

Sample Presentation Workshop agenda are available upon request.


The Steering Wheel:  Executive Media Preparation Workshops

With decades of national media experience, the Bains prepare executives to confidently face reporters and editors, with techniques to steer the interview or editorial board meeting to the most important key messages, and help ensure those messages appear in the final story.  Each of these workshops is specifically customized to the likely media encounter(s) the executive will face, and delivers methods to defuse negative questions, neutralize ambush interviews and connect to the audience on the other side of the media outlet.

Sample Media Preparation agenda are available upon request.


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